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The StrategyStreet Process

We explain this concept in:

Board of Directors
Question 1: Who are the customers who will allow us to earn our cost of capital?
Question 2: How will we increase our market share with these Core customers?
Question 3: What portion of our current and future sales goes to our Core customers?

Basic Strategy Guide
Step 8: Find the Company's strengths and weaknesses on the Size/Role matrix
Step 9: Separate the sources of the Company's change in share
Step 10: Compare the Company to the industry on the components of Volatility
Step 11: Classify and assign company objectives to each current and potential customer

Advanced Site:
Diagnose Segments: Part 3: Target Segments
* Diagnose Segments: Position on the Matrix
* Diagnose Segments: Company Share Change and Volatility
* Diagnose Segments: Final Targets