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Improve Your Ability to Set Prices

PROBLEMS indicating a need to set better pricing:
  • Customers’ insistence on greater price discounts
  • Successful low-end competitors
  • Third place relationships with the industry's largest customers
  • New entrants to the market
  • Last Look” spreading rapidly in the market
  • Falling price environment for the industry
SOLUTION: More Effective Pricing
  • Find opportunities to improve revenues with better pricing
    • Future prices and margins: Where are prices heading?
    • Pricing guidelines: How can you price strategically?
    • Near-term opportunities: Can better pricing improve your margins?
    • Competitive responses: Will competitors respond to your price leadership?
  • Use components of price to change pricing
    • Alternative pricing levels: Can you get better control of price discounts?
    • Components of price: Can you use more components for better pricing?

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